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The Rauschmayer fairy tale castle

The castle was built in 1566. After a century filled with eventful history the masonry waited for many years in a deep sleep before Roland Rauschmayer bought it, expensively renovated and filled with new life. Because the wedding ring manufacturer is confident about marriage, he loves to enable wedding couples who want a unique fairy tale wedding to marry in this beautiful castle.

A fairy tale comes true …

The day to say Yes! should be a special event to which the couple and the guests will remember for a long time a fairy tale wedding! The castle in Mühlhausen offers everything your heart desires. The architecturally impressive, listed buildings set among vineyards at the Württemberg wine road. You will feel the special atmosphere of this place once you have visited.

Everything that also still belongs to a perfect fairy tale wedding can be arranged in Mühlhausen too. Whether small or large and romantic and glamorous – the Rauschmayer wedding castle can meet any needs.